A case of misplaced sympathy? Would you...

My new job actually is pretty 'exciting' as it is full of challenges...one thing for sure I realised that pupils are more prone to 'complain' - believe it or not about teachers and parents seemed to have misplaced sympathy for their children.

You see, today, the various heads were alerted that a parent has lodged a complain to the ministry against a teacher for 'punishing' her daughter. The girl has been a habitual 'empty bin' making too much noise in perpetually all of the teachers' lesson. The noise got pretty bad that pupils in the class who wish to learn, could not! When the discipline master informed the parent that the girl has been reprimanded...lo and behold..the parent exclaimed "Don't teach me to discipline my child!". The table has turned and the blame now goes to the teacher for being 'unreasonable' for reprimanding and punishing his 'precious daughter'.

I can understand that as parents, we are all protective of our children...but we are also rational adults..and we want our children to learn from us. Reacting this way may actually be detrimental to the development of the child. Besides, why can't we give the other adult, which in this case is the teacher, the benefit of the doubt? A teacher would not have been one has it not been for certain credibility he possess, right?! So what's the big deal about getting your child to be reprimanded : sooner or later - at work or some other ways. the harsh realities of life will hit our kids...

I'm just amazed at times how the parents' over protectiveness could sometimes impaired his judgement..sigh...would you do that to protect your children? I mean seriously..would not being subjected to a punishment, part and parcel of school life?..and would it not be a good learning point for the children to cope with, later in their the adult? What would you have done???

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