The quest for whitening product...

The quest for skin lightening skin has begun!!

I noticed dark circles around my eyes and uneven skin tone..I'm like "what is the poor me going to do?!!". Any good advice on teh best products? sigh..so hard to be a woman...


  1. It comes from sleep deprivation from late night blogging.
    I have permanent ones on my eyes that make me look like Po of KungFU Panda minus the cuteness factor.

  2. I'm just dropping by to check out your site. It's pretty nifty. I'm gonna bookmark you and visit often, but before I go I'd like to invite you to my site for a visit. Hope to see you there.

  3. LOL...

    veron you're so cute...you are..

    hmm..I wonder if SKII works...

  4. Thanks for 'visiting' Jenny...will visit you sometime too ;)


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..