Heartwarming Mom stories

I read this article on "Remembering Mom" and I felt the great need to pick up the phone and call my own mom. The stories started off with the writer stating that he could not remember when he started walking but his mom did : how true - how a times we take things like this for granted or we forget that mom had always been there ..to clean the wound, to message the ache, the ease the pain or even heal the pain at times..to cry with us, laugh with us. With Mother's Day just around the corner, I feel an urgent need to remind myself and perhaps even those reading that your mom is indeed special ..enjoy her while you still can..

Enjoy the article and pick up the phone to tell her how much she meant to you. I made a mistake with my dad - he did not hear me tell him that he has always been my hero. I remembered praying hard in his last hours to give me one more chance to tell him how much I love and respect him..but God loves him more..and he left us 5 years ago. My heart still aches so bad when I think of him but somehow, I think he knows how special he is ....My mom is my surviving parent..

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