Its Official..one person is infected with H1N1 in Singapore!!

It is all over the country's official newspaper and forum sites..people are buzzing about the first case of H1N1 in Singapore. While the alert level remain at yellow, many fear the worse..the 22 year old female, an undergraduate, has returned home from New York just yesterday and is now in the island's CDC - Centre of Coomunicable Disease - to be isolated.

Though prepared for the exercise, my sense is many are not prepared for the actual situation - SARs hit us hard years ago. The haunting presence of SARs is once again revisited when the outbreak is annouced. Many still go about their daily actvities..but hospitals and clinics have stepped up measures.

In the article from al Jazeera, 50 cases have been confirmed in Australia as well...but I'm going down under for the break..I pray for the smooth ans safe journey..

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