Lesson from a centipede

IRONIC..that is how I would describe the experience I had this morning. In a not so flattering situation of answering nature's call...I learnt an important lesson from nature.

You see..I was answering Nature's call indeed in a little cubicle in my work place..not the best place to be in early on the first day of the week...It was then that I saw a little miliepede crawling in. I squirmed..never liked this little creepy crawlers. I was hoping very hard it would not come over to my side of the cubicle. Lucky for me there was a door stopper in the path of the milipede. As it was inching forward..quite fast for little guy I thought, it came across the door stopper. For a while the door stopper looked like a giant obstacle for the little guy. So it seemed to inched forward and it looked like as if it was "sniffing' the stopper for while. Then...it tried to go up the stopper and I thought with many legs like that, it would not be a problem and so I quickly washed up and tried to plan my exit when I saw it turning back instead of going over the stopper!!!!

I was stunned for a while..why didn't it cross over? I wondered ...then I saw the parallel..am I like that too? When an obstacle that just seem to big to be in my path ..do I merely try a few steps up and call it quits? Would not the 'spectators' around me be as puzzled about me as I was with the milipede?

Wow..such profound lesson..to be learnt in the wee hours in the morning..in the toilet!! LOL

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