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It is a common cliche that women own multiple pairs of shoes. Though a shoe for every day of the month is a fun indulgence, it isn’t necessary in order to have a versatile shoe wardrobe. By the time a girl reaches her mid-teens, it’s important she has a shoe for every occasion. However, that doesn’t equal fifty shoes – in fact, it’s simply the following five essentials:

Creative Flats
Flats come and go in popularity, and right now they’re extremely popular again. A stylish pair of flats can turn a casual outfit of jeans and a tee or sweater into a fashionable ensemble. Picture a pair of dark jeans and cardigan with funky flats – patterns such as madras, leopard, swirls or newspaper print jazz up the tiny shoes. If patterns seem too flashy, consider the fabric for inspiration – patent leather or metallics add pizzazz. Flats will indefinitely be worn a lot because they are so comfortable and chic.

Dressy Flats
This pair of flats should be meant for special occasions or simply when the wearer desires to look a bit nicer, such as for a meeting or a job interview. Suede or metallic can make a flat more formal, or look for embellishments such as sequins or crystals. One thing to keep in mind is the length of a skirt or dress when wearing flats. Mid-length hems can sometimes look dowdy with flats so opting for a shorter or slighter longer skirt is the best bet.

Stiletto (or kitten heel)
Stilettos are a go-to fancy shoe that continues to be popular years after Carrie Bradshaw resurrected the look. There are many choices for stilettos in both luxury designer and “cheapie” brands. Generally, if the shoe is from a less expensive store, stick to a more neutral color to look more luxe (bright colors can sometimes look cheaper.) Plus, neutrals are more versatile. If stilettos are too difficult to wear, a kitten heel is another option. It’s lower and thus often easier to wear, yet still has the slight lift of a heel.

A good pair of boots is a must-have, and it often depends on the climate of one’s hometown to determine which type of boots to buy. Cold weather girls should look for both style and warmth, while warmer climates don’t need to worry so much about keeping their feet warm. Leather boots tend to be the best investment because they last the longest – suede looks beautiful when new but dirties quite quickly.

Another decision is heel height. Flat boots and stacked boots are two very different looks and it’s really up to the wearer to decide which she may get the most use out of. Those who “live” in their jeans may opt for stacked boots, they add a little oomph to such casual outfits. More feminine attire is often complimented better by a flat boot, however, because the stacked can look like too much shoe next to girlie fabrics or skirts.

Driving Moccasins
Please take this New Year’s resolution – no more sneakers on women! Yes, there are some exceptions; for example, working out, running and going to the gym. But that is where sneakers should stay. Women have gotten too attached to huge sneakers and yet then they complain that their feet look big – a common problem with sneakers. Sorry, Keds, even the cutest tennis-shoes should be left for long walks or traipsing through an amusement park.

A better alternative is a pair of driving moccassins. These shoes are attractive yet practical, easy to stand on due to their pebble soles. Mocs have become increasingly available in the past few years, ranging from basic black to bright colors or designs. Generally they come in leather, patent leather or suede. Patent leather tends to take the most “beating” – they can be worn a million times and still look new (and can be easily wiped clean.) Regular leather softens greatly over time – soon they’ll feel like slippers – and if one is confident that she can keep her shoes clean and dirt free, suede can look quite beautiful in various colors.

Adapted from : Five pairs of shoes every women should own
Read more: "Five Pairs of Shoes Every Female Should Own: Flats, Boots, Stilettos and Driving Mocs Essential to Wardrobe" - http://tweenteenfashion.suite101.com/article.cfm/five_pairs_of_shoes_every_female_should_own#ixzz0ESDaQxbC&A

Read more: "Five Pairs of Shoes Every Female Should Own: Flats, Boots, Stilettos and Driving Mocs Essential to Wardrobe" - http://tweenteenfashion.suite101.com/article.cfm/five_pairs_of_shoes_every_female_should_own#ixzz0ESDWRyQF&A

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