Swine flu - a not so gentle reminder..

I read the papers today and the statement issued by WHO that the swine flu is "a threat to all humanity" haunt me. Interpreted in fear, this could also mean lost of people ard you..spine chilling I thought. I pray hard that this would not become a reality ..my hope is that a cure would be found quickly and that all humanity would triumph in its battle against the deadly virus.

At the same time, this could also be nature's way of reminding us that we owe it to ALL humanity to be nice to one another bacause life is transient and that it is futile to be arrogant for after all nobody lives on forever. When death strikes, we are all the same...irregardless of our colour or creed. Very sobering..as I brace myself to prepare for this worldwide crisis..or what it may become, I will not forget to tell and show my loved ones how much they matter..that's my resolution, at least.

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