The gift of giving

'Tis the season to be jolly indeed - there is a certain magic that comes with the act of giving someting - tangible or otherwise.

But with so many to choose from you may sometimes be confused as to what would be a great gift. My personal take is : a gift that comes from the heart - it may be a simple gift but if given in sincerity, I'm sure the receiver would be touched. ;)Though in good intention, we would want to really please our loved ones with great gifts but the consequence of overspending can be overwhelming - to put it mildly. Prudence would create some order for the day, I reckon.

So, what are some the main considerations when buying gifts for the festive period? Especially so if the "pocket has shrunk" metaphorically speaking.

1. Firstly, do your shopping early but if you don't, you have technology to thank for. Many online sites now offer great deals - so it's a good idea to do the shopping online and compare prizes. Also,think of the petrol and time and avoid crowded shopping malls and insane traffic.

2. Ever consider everyone taking turns to play Santa? Friends in the office thought of this idea - well actually it is quite a common idea but it was a novelty and evryone was happy because they saved money! Draw names from a hat and buy a gift for the person whose names you pulled out.

3. Last but not least, at times we realise that the best gifts are not the ones bought but the ones you made yourself - so think of a fruit basket, lined with your home made cookies and home made candles or aromatheraphy soaps. ;)

Have fun!
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