Something different for the litte girls...

I was a little amused when I was at a toy shop the other day. The little girl in the store, who apparently likes dress up dolls, told her mom that she did not like the cheap toys because they do not feel as good and last long. Undaunted, the mother tried to convince her how alike the toys are.

I think that kids as young as 5-9 now have a strong sense of what they like and boy, do they let you know their preference! Recently, I noticed as well, the popularity of barbie dolls is waning : there are many more in the market for the girls to choose from. There is a new toy which I thought stands out from the rest : Harumika.

Harumika is a fashion toy. What's exciting about it is that it gives novice ike me or any litte girls a hand in fashion designing - does great work with self confidence.The dress is about the size of barbie dolls but you are equipped with
some small squares of fabric, sparkly stickers, pieces of trim and a plastic stylus. Simply fold, gather, pleat or drape the fabric and wrap it around the dress form. A slot in the back is lined with rubbery grippers.All you have to do is push the fabric into some opening and wala! - Its done! You do not have to sew or glue anything! Cool eh?

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