Bottle it right, baby!

I rememeber the experience I had with my little Daniyal : I breastfed him and he's pretty contented when he gets the breast milk but trouble starts when I have to get back to work and my mom and helper has to bottle feed him. He simply refused the bottle!
It seems that parent of breastfed babies re often faced with this problem. So, the probable solution would be to purchase wide-base nipples that more closely resemble a mother's breast. This would ease the switch or the babies. For newborns to tree months, the general advice would be mainly to buy bottle nipples that are designed to have slow flow. (this bottle nipples typically has smaller holes) Too fast flow may cause the babies to have tummy aches. Having said that however, some newborn babies do not prefer to have the too slow a flow - so it would also be wise to have some medium flow bottle nipples ready on standby.

In Asia, I can safely conclude that plastic baby bottles are very popular due largely to fact that it is convenient and economical. But there is a growing concern of the content of chemicals found in the plastic bottles. If you are one of those concern parents, you could choose BPA free plastic bottles or choose glass baby bottles - the glass bottles carry with it some risk as well such a the harm it may cause if and when it breaks. If however, you still choose to use the ordinary plastic bottles for babies, the best advice would be to handwash them and throw them away once they get cloudy.

In addition, if you fear that your little one will not feel comfortable after feeding due to the bottle nipple, you may want to choose baby bottles with air vent or the angled shaped ones to prevent the tummy discomfort.

These are just simple tips to get you started, at the end of the day, just have faith that a mother somehow always knows and when you fret less, so will your baby. The best thing to do with your little one is to enjoy the bonding...;)

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