Disposable Diapers bliss,baby...

I look at the range of disposable diapers now and marvel at the variety. When my niece was a baby - that was like a good 20++ years ago, my mom who looks after her, uses cloth diaper - very eco friendly but the inconvinience of it was just too much especially for working mother like many of us...thus, by the time I had my little ones, the choice was always on disposable diapers. I was trying mix convinience with economy so I bought the cheapest disposable diapers in the market - not the best choice! The urine leaked and I found my little Daniyal and Aqilah pants and even shirts soiled at times! I drag the experience and the thought of having to clean them was certainly not something I was looking forward to doing..really...

The fortunate thing now is that you could combine being economical with convinience when it comes to choosing the disposable diapers - they are good disposable diapers now that you could get (if you know where to get them) for a good price as well! Now who says you can't have the cake and eat it?

Check out this site that have a great diapers review and decide for yourself!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the link to my disposable diaper review. I'm in the process of giving it a major over haul with a lot more information. It'll take a while before I get the changes published since I have 3 little ones that keep me busy every day.

  2. It's a great review! Nice to meet you ;)


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