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Tips for Buying Baby and Children Christmas Dresses

Christmas dresses have evolved significantly over the last few years - even for babies and young children! In the 21st century, you can find everything from formal options in rich velvet and smooth silk to traditional dresses made of cotton or corduroy. Regardless of whether you are going glam or sticking with a Christmas classic, consider the following shopping tips for your precious little one :

Comfort: Comfort is key. No matter how adorable your child looks in her dress, if she is uncomfortable, it will show. Choose a style and material that is comfortable and will wear well over time. Also, consider the length of the dress. Generally, they are better off in shorter or tea length dresses, as there is no risk of tripping.

Weather: Keep the season in mind. If you live in a colder climate, you don't want your child shivering in a sleeveless Christmas dress. Likewise, you don't want your little girl to be sweating in a long-sleeved velvet dress if it is 85 degrees out especially if you are staying in the equatorial climate like mine!

Personality: Keep your child personality in mind when shopping for a Christmas dress. You know your little one best - If you have a little princess who loves to don frilly dresses, then go glam. However, if your little one is a tomboy, she may shun lacey, ultra-feminine dresses - even the one year olds! I remember how this poor baby once tried to pull off the lace of her pretty pink dress -  not a very pleasant sight! ;p

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