Hearing mommy's soothing heartbeat again....

Cloud b Sleep Sheep - Four Soothing Sounds From NatureCloud b Baby Sleep Sheep with Rattle and 3 Spill Cloths - Natural Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine with Four Soothing SoundsParents who have bought the 'Sleep Sheep' could not have been wrong about the soft, fluffy toy which many quoted as baby's perfect nighttime companion to help soothe them to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way. There is a sound box which is tucked safely inside of Sleep Sheep. It lulls babies to sleep with soft sounds from nature and the reassuring sound of a mother's heartbeat. Sleep Sheep's soothing sounds are an audio pacifier that can calm even the fussiest babies to sleep. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better : Happy Babies, Happy moms... ;)


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