Reading to your babies

My Big Animal Book (Priddy Bicknell Big Ideas for Little People)Baby's Book: The First Five Years (Personal Organizers)
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Baby Board Books)Studies have shown that in fact, babies benefit hugely from you reading to them! By showing them the pictures, you are are helping them to develop their eye muscles and each time a word is heard by your child, it becomes imprinted more strongly in his/her brain....making it easier to remember for when he/ she is ready to start talking!

According to research, each time our babies hear, see or feel, this sends a message to the brain. Eventually, the messages sent to the brain are strong enough to form a skill or create a piece of knowledge! Exciting, isn't it?
However, you have to choose the right mood and setting to read to your babies - they absorb best when both of you are in a calm and cozy, relaxed environment. You both need to be comfortable. Hearing a story can be very soothing for a child who is in "one of those moods". If done correctly, many years on in your precious lives, they would associate reading with the warm fuzzy feeling they share with mom. If that happens, you would have succeeded in raising a reader!

When reading to the baby, ensure you have the book the right way up so you can see it!

Other tips on how to make story time for you and your baby fun include:

1.Point at pictures and say names of things(any age)...and gradually ask the name of them (depending on age)

2.use a slow, sing song voice (best for unsettled infants)

3.use different voices for different characters.... you need to excite and entertain your child

4.spend time talking about the pictures before turning the page....remembering you need to form these brain connections for your child

5. say a name and ask your older toddler (15 months) and ask your toddler to point to the item....AND last but not least

6. give praise to your child each time he/ she points to and names and object (possibly 15 months)

Enjoy..and good luck!

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